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Laminated log houses

Glued laminated timber is a modern eco-friendly material, which allows to build safe and comfortable homes in any climate zone. Patented in Finland, the manufacturing technology has quickly gained popularity not only among construction workers but also their clients.

House of laminated veneer lumber in Lithuania are very popular. Durable and comfortable material provides greater freedom in the construction project. In addition, we can mention a few advantages:

  • reliability – built from glued wood practically does not shrink and crack less in comparison with houses from conventional logs;
  • efficiency of laminated veneer lumber can be much easier and faster to build design need size;
  • environmentally friendly – each bar is made from solid wood with a minimal addition of glue;
  • high thermal insulation and fire – tight, mounts, houses from glued beams do not require additional thermal insulation works, and the special impregnation prevents the detrimental effect of climatic conditions on the material and prevents the fire situation;
  • mobility and accessibility – convenient format bars and carefully calibrated grooves allow you to build a house even alone, if you have the necessary knowledge and skills.
  • Houses built of laminated veneer lumber does not require additional finishing and insulation, and the relatively small costs on the Foundation and strengthening of the walls allow us to call this technology truly economical.

It should be noted that this material has its drawbacks:

  • the cost is still somewhat higher than the materials of chipboard, OSB or solid wood;
  • it is important to choose a reliable construction company, because the quality of the materials used are glue and correctness of the conducted technological works depends on the durability of constructed houses, the preservation of its insulating properties and aesthetic appearance.
  • Like any house, premises of laminated veneer lumber requires timely care and treatment with special means. Take care of your house and it will stay intact for decades, pleasing you and keeping warm and comfort.

Mansions, villas, cottages, manor houses in Lithuania are popular with people who value their time and comfort in an eco-friendly, durable and beautiful home. Unlimited architectural and design capabilities allow us to build a real dream home, and high-quality materials and well-conducted work – to make the home durable and resistant to all weather and operating challenges.


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used in the construction of timber is an environmentally friendly product


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modern technologies allow to build houses in the shortest possible time


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